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Doom Patrol (DVD 3 Disc) New + Free shipping

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Doom Patrol (DVD 3 Disc) New + Free shipping

Product name:  Doom Patrol

Brief introduction:

DC Universe / DC Universe is an online channel of DC brand, which has reserved 13 episodes of doomsday patrols, written and written by Greg berlanti. By Jeremy carver. The show is about a group of abandoned superheroes - mecha, filmmakers, rubber girls, crazy Jane and Dr. Nils Calder who led them. The play is scheduled for release on February 15, us time. This is an official short notice.
In the past, the doomsday patrol led Titan's fourth episode. Although the team's superheroes have different abilities, their abilities can also be harmed physically and mentally. They investigate strange phenomena and protect the earth under the leadership of the iron / steel / electronic man and the chief / chief.
Timothy Dalton plays Dr. Niles caulder, known as the "chief / Chief". He's a genius with paralyzed legs. Wise and controversial Niles traveled around the world looking for patients who needed miraculous healing. He will help them without hesitation. During this period, he also set up the "bad luck Patrol" of the hero team. (by the way, Bruno bisher plays the lead role in Titan.)
Joivan Wade plays the famous hero of DC, steel / cyborg Victor stone. He is a charming, malicious, half human and half mechanical hero. Even if he can control every computer in the world, he still wants to keep in touch with "human".
Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan play the role of robot / machine man, whose body is a biological machine. When the character sets him as human cliff Steele, his brain is transferred to the machine due to the near death of the car accident. Brendan Fraser dubs and plays Steele, while Riley Shanahan performs the mecha part.
Matt bomer and Matthew Zuk are men who are radionegative. Matt bomer was in charge of voice and movie player flashbacks, Larry trainer was in charge when he was a human being, and Matthew Zuk was in charge of costumed performances.

April Bowlby as Rita Farr, a stretch rubber girl / stretch girl, and Diane Guerrero as crazy Jane. This hero is not very reliable, because she has the most personalized schizophrenia in the world, but with these 64 characters, she is the 64 superpower, so crazy Jane is the most powerful force in the world patrol, but also the most powerful force in the world patrol. Instable.

Type: plot / action / science fiction / crime

Condition: New

Language: English

Applies to: 1/2/3/4/5 Zone
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