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AVATAR- The Last Airbender The Complete Series (DVD 16 Disc) New + Free shipping

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AVATAR- The Last Airbender The Complete Series (DVD 16 Disc) New + Free shipping

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Brief introduction:

The story of the film takes place in ancient times. At that time, there were four different nationalities living in the eastern world, namely, water, earth, fire and gas. In every generation of every race, there will be born some people with powerful talents. They can learn to sense and control the  belonging to their own nation, and then use them to fight. These people are called "Clans". Although they are already powerful warriors, they still exist above them. This person is Avatar, which can control four  at the same time! There is only one God in every generation. When the previous generation is on the verge of death, he will be reincarnated and reborn again. It is precisely because of this absolutely powerful existence that subtle peace has been maintained among the four races until the day when history has been completely changed - the God of descent disappeared! Without a strong suppression of fragile peace, it immediately disintegrated. The fire clan, which had been ready to move for a long time, soon started an incident and ignited the war with absolute strength. Even though the other three ethnic groups rose up to resist, the great disparity of strength made the city of the Qi ethnic group lose its guard in an instant. The whole nation was engulfed by the fire and completely cut off its blood. The red eyed fire tribe didn't stop because of victory, and the water tribe became the next target of devastation. After a large number of people were slaughtered, the survivors of the water tribe fled to the frozen country on the edge of the world to survive. Even though the Tu nationality was still fighting tenaciously, they all knew that it was not long before the end of the world. The ice and snow of the ice country has become a natural barrier to stop the fire, but it is not always a refuge. Katara and Soka are brothers and sisters. They often go out to inspect the border of the ice country to catch up with the fire tribe. Who knows that one day they fell into a huge ice cave and met a mysterious young man who called himself Aang. He was the long lost spirit reincarnation! Under his leadership, the three men embarked on the road of resisting the fire clan

Type: animation / Fantasy / family / Adventure

Condition: New

Language: English

Applies to: 1/2/3/4/5 Zone
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