The Shape of Water (4K UHD) New + Free shipping
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The Shape of Water (4K UHD) New + Free shipping

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The Shape of Water (4K UHD) New + Free shipping

Product name: The Shape of Water

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Brief introduction:

The story takes place in 1963, during the cold war, when the mute Eliza worked in the government laboratory, where she was a cleaning woman. When she was young, a serious illness took away Eliza's voice. Since then, she has been living alone in silence. All her friends are old painter and colleague Zelda.
One day, a highly alert alarm was sounded in the laboratory, and a mysterious jar full of water was sent in. Eliza was shocked to find that there was a strange creature in the jar that was half human and half fish. Under Richard's leadership, the team of scientists wanted to extract the material that could make biological weapons from the , but in Eliza's eyes, it was just a lonely life like herself. As time went on, Elsa and the had feelings.

Type: Plot / love / Fantasy

Condition: New

Language: English

Applies to: USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Australia / Play

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