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Killing Eve Season 3 (DVD,3-Disc) New + Free shipping

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Killing Eve Season 3 (DVD,3-Disc) New + Free shipping

Product name:  Killing Eve Season 3

Brief introduction:

The third season will continue to tell the story of Eve and villenell, who share a brutal past with each other, who have been trapped in each other and are struggling to survive without each other. For veronnell, an unknown professional killer, Eve is dead; for eve, a former MI6 agent hidden in the city, veronnell will never find her. Everything seems calm, until the shock of death involving individuals makes the two tracks meet again, which is bound to teach them to pay the price of their relatives, friends and souls.

Type: Plot / Thriller

Condition: New

Language: English

Applies to: USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Australia / Play
Average rating: 5.0 based on 12 reviews
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