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Jamestown Season 1&2 (DVD,6-Disc) New + Free shipping

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Jamestown Season 1&2 (DVD,6-Disc) New + Free shipping

Product name: Jamestown Season 1&2

Brief introduction:

In 1607, explorers who came from England to seek their dreams in the American continent established a new colony in Jamestown, Virginia. This is the first British settlement in North America. From then on, the history of the United States began. By 1619, the original desolate colony was gradually transformed into a new town, and the Jamestown community had become a model. But in these 12 years, there are only men here.
Another group of people came to America by boat from Britain. Among the people who have just arrived in Jamestown, several young and beautiful women are particularly prominent. They are the "marriage partners" of early settlers in Jamestown. The unknown husbands paid for all the expenses of crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and they came to the North American colonies with mixed feelings of vision, excitement and fear. Jocelyn (Naomi battrick), Alice (Sophie rundle) and verity (niamh Walsh) are particularly active among these women. They leave their familiar lives and come to the new world to seek a new start. They dream of becoming the first women  in Jamestown. But they soon realized that the new world was not a paradise. It was a remote place where towns were completely dominated by men, where suspicious indigenous people were everywhere, and there were many cruel challenges. Ambition, power, business acumen, love, marriage, personal love and death are mixed together. These will define a new way of life - a way of overcoming reality, forgetting the secrets of the past and embracing the new advanced concept.

Type: Plot / history / Costume

Condition: New

Language: English

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