Braver Game 2 (4K UHD) New + Free shipping
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Braver Game 2 (4K UHD) New + Free shipping

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Braver Game 2 (4K UHD) New + Free shipping

Product name: Braver Game 2

Tips for 4K UHD movies:

support 4K UHD machine + 4K TV (or projection)

Brief introduction:

Four brave people once again cross back to the dangerous world of the game, open a new adventure. Different from the last time, Dr. Yongshi (dawn Johnson) is Spencer's grandfather, and his good friend is a linguist (Kevin Hart). The tall and powerful frich becomes a middle-aged fat geologist (Jack Black). Only Martha, the school bully, is still a sexy hit girl (Karen Gillan). Spencer and Bethany are missing. In order to rescue the lost partners, the four people must enter the unknown world out of control. Facing the deadly level of danger and difficulty, the leader of Johnson team challenges the limit to break through. In the dangerous situation of avalanche and rock break, life is hanging in a line. They fight against the sudden fierce beasts to the end. Only when they fight side by side, can they escape from the life and death test. A thrilling adventure full of surprises is about to start!

Type: Comedy / action / Fantasy / Adventure

Condition: New

Language: English

Applies to: USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Australia / Play

Please be aware that due to your computer monitor display the color may have some difference between the picture and the physical item

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