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Homeland Season 8 (DVD,3-Disc) New + Free shipping

Homeland Season 8 (DVD,3-Disc) New + Free shipping

Product name:  Homeland Season 8

Brief introduction:

In the final season of homeland security, Kali Matheson, who has survived more than seven months of brutal imprisonment in Russia, is recovering, but her memories are still fragmented, which is a problem for Saul Berenson. As the national security adviser to Ralph Warner, the new president of the United States, he was sent to Afghanistan to start peace talks with the Taliban. However, Kabul is full of warlords, mercenaries, fanatics and spies - which forced sol to seek help from the well-known Kari, and begged her to accompany her to the tiger's den for the last time regardless of the doctor's advice.

Type: Plot

Condition: New

Language: English

Applies to: USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Australia / Play

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