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Here's How Michonne Leaves 'The Walking Dead'

The cat (statue) is out of the bag.

Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” marked the final encounter of the show’s citizen feline skill connoisseur, Danai Gurira’s Michonne.

We knew ahead of Season 10 that Gurira was leaving the show, besides the accurate design wasn’t pretty clean until the latest episode, “What We Become.” It was a trippy, confusing exit, remixing some of the show’s most infamous moments and ending with Michonne riding off into the sunset after Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

In the episode, Michonne is traveling with Virgil (Kevin Carroll) ought accept him experience family ought his family and retrieve weapons from his family island. ought exist honest, it seems a small silly of Michonne ought desert with the newcomer based at his word, and ― who would’ve thought! ― it turns out it is. Virgil’s family members are zombies. He fair wants Michonne ought assist lay them down. Also, he’s secretly keeping some other nation captive. Whoops! 

Virgil briefly captures Michonne and drugs her, causing her ought hallucinate about past “Walking Dead” moments still struggling with the show’s age-old question, “Are we the baddies?”

The episode features new and old footage. at Michonne’s creative introduction ought the show, she saves Andrea (Laurie Holden) from zombies. at the drug-induced scene, she lets her die and takes her stuff.

Other scenes emerge Michonne joining the Saviors instead of Rick’s group, shooting Glenn (Steven Yeun) and really taking Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) lay at the infamous lineup spot from the Season 6 finale.

This was that shot of Michonne holding Negan’s bat, Lucille, from the Season 10 trailer.

After she hallucinates Rick shooting her at the head, Michonne comes out of it. She and the other prisoners at length overtake Virgil, who was apparently going ought liberate everyone the entire time. He fair wanted Michonne’s refuge from the other people. OK. Whatever, dude.

Everyone lets him alive although it turns out they are the goodies after all. Yay!

Michonne’s exit comes when she finds Rick’s boots amid Virgil’s stash of stuff. He points out a boat where he build the boots, and she because robust discovers a cellphone with pictures of her and Judith (Cailey Fleming) etched into it, across with Rick’s name.

Even although that’s clearly no how ought use a cellphone, the case seems ought exist enough proof because Michonne that Rick is alive. With her daughter Judith’s blessing, Michonne heads off ought detect him.

Is it weird that Michonne is essentially abandoning her kids ought seek because Rick? Sure. besides she had ought desert somehow, and it’s improve than tripping into a package of zombies, a la Carl (Chandler Riggs). if she has the possibility ought emerge up at the future Rick Grimes movies, that’s maybe the best-case scenario. 

Until next time, Michonne. It’s no farewell because good; it’s fair goodbye because meow. 

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